Court yet to take a decision on Dr Nyanzi’s bail

By Ruth Anderah

Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate James Ereemye has set 20th June 2017 to decide on whether or not to cancel Makerere University Research Fellow Dr. Stellah Nyanzi’s bail and have her remanded back to Luzira prison.

Dr. Nyanzi’s name came to the spotlight for her infamous Facebook comments in which she allegedly uses a profane language to bring out her message. 

At the last court appearnce, Resident State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya  called for cancellation of Dr Nyanzi’s bail  saying  she  had abused one of  her bail terms  by posting a  comment on her face book page attacking the prosecutors handling her computer misuse case.

Muwaganya read out the post  in which Nyanzi  on 7th June 2017  referred to the members of the bar as ” people wearing  ill-fitting Chinese courts and underwear”.

The prosecutor informed the magistrate that  court  is under attack by Nyanzi’s  continous posts since an attack on the members of the bar, is an attack on the trial court and therefore there should  be a way of stopping her by either sounding a strong warning or cancelling her bail.

However, Nyanzi’s lawyer Peter Walubiri opposed the prosecutor’s application saying if he feels offended, he should file a civil defamatory case against his client other than playing about with her right  to freedom without any  evidence on record.

On the same day, Magistrate Ereemye is also expected to determine whether to suspend hearing of Nyanzi’s criminal case until  the Constitutional Court pronounces itself on a petition she filed challenging the Mental Treaent Act.

In the offensive communication case, Nyanzi is said to have invaded the privacy of the person of the president by posting messages on her face book page that suggested that he is a pair of buttocks.