Stella Nyanzi drags MUK to Court for refusing to re-instate and promote her

By Ruth Anderah. 

Makerere University’s Stella Nyanzi has dragged the University to High Court in Kampala for refusing to re-instate and promote her as a senior researcher.

Through her lawyers of Center for Legal Aid, Dr Stella says last month the University’s staff tribunal lifted her suspension and ordered that she be re-instated, promoted and paid her accumulated emoluments but the university has ignored it.

Nyanzi wants Court orders compelling the University to reinstate and pay her emoluments for the period she has been out of office.

The documents before Court show that the tribunal ordered the university to pay Dr Nyanzi emoluments within ten working days from 2 October this month the date of the ruling.

She contends that the university has deliberately and continuously refused to implement the orders of the tribunal concerning her status and privileges.

Dr Stella says failure to reinstate her and pay her due emoluments has caused irreparable damage to her and her family through impairment of personal and vocational growth; disruption of her family welfare and violation of her fundamental rights among others.

She states that she needs her job back because she has to take care of her 3 kids and also pay her legal representatives.