State of the Nation expected today

President Yoweri Museveni is today expected to deliver the state of the nation address, highlighting key developments in the country over the last year.

The address is expected to tackle the state of the economy, state of the infrastructure, social services sector and the general political environment, among others.

The President will also be expected to give accountability on whether or not he has delivered on the pledges he made last year.

On the economy, the inflation rate has hit a record high of close to 30% since the last address while interest rates have also soared.

He will also be expected to speak about measures being undertaken to strengthen the Shilling, which has continued to depreciate against major world currencies.

In his address last year, the president applauded the country’s efforts at successfully fighting ebola, which was a threat at the time, and he will now be expected to speak about the nodding disease epidemic, that has affected thousands in Northern Uganda.

In the education sector, issues of poor pay and poor standards are expected to feature in the presidential address.

On infrastructure, the poor state of majority of the country’s bridges and roads is expected to make it today’s agenda , especially the city roads that are now under the control of Central government.

KFM will give you updates of this address as they come in. You can listen to the address here on our website as well as the live updates on our facebook page.