State House officials detained

Two officials from State House have been detained at Parliament for questioning in regard to compensation claims made to city tycoon, Hassan Basajjabalaba.

The Head of legal affairs at State House, Joy Kabatsi and Edward Muhoozi had appeared before the Public Accounts Committee following a directive by President Museveni after his meeting with the MPs yesterday.

President Museveni told the legislators yesterday that Basajjabalaba had been paid 169 billion shillings instead of 142 billion as compensation for the cancellation of contract to manage St Balikudembe and Nakasero markets, as well as the Constitutional Square.

It emerged in the committee meeting today that Muhoozi had misadvised the President over the payments, which were later sanctioned by the then Attorney General, Prof. Khiddu Makubuya.

The two were led away by CID officers attached to the committee for further questioning.

Earlier, Joy Kabatsi was grilled for her role in the saga, however she pushed the blame on Prof. Makubuya whom she said as chairman of the Inter Ministerial committee handling the claims, sanctioned the payments but the MPs did not buy her explanations.

Story by Olive Eyotaru