State house gives out 100M to Kamwokya youth


President Museveni yesterday gave out shs 100 million to the ghetto youth of Kamwokya to help boost their businesses that they operate.

Government Deputy Spokesperson Col Shaban Bantariza who represented the president at Passover harvest church where the youth were being handed over the money, tasked the different youth that received money to utilize it well if they want to get more money in future from the president.

“The president has given you this money, but I urge you to use it well, because now you have been given 100M but if you use it well, in future you will get more than that.” Col. Bantariza said.

He added that this money given out to the youth will be used by the different groups that have registered themselves as saccos.

“This money will go into their saccos where each member can borrow money from there, take it back. This is like startup capital in their saccos, even more will come depending on how they use it.” He added.

The president came up to give this money to the kamwokya youth after he was contacted by one of the youth leaders in kamwokya Dr. Apollo Ahimbisibwe who owns a clinic in the area, after hearing of the president’s initiative of empowering slums.

The shs 100M that is meant to help out about 20,000 youth was distributed among-est six groups from kamwokya which include chamuka youth development association that took shs 30M, new kamwokya taxi drivers and conductors association 30M, Kamwokya twezimbe women’s group 10M, kamwokya youth Boda boda association 10M, Twegate development group 10M  and Kamwokya washing bay youth development 10M.

Each group leader was given a check of the money respectively which they will take to the bank and get cash, where they will be monitored closely to see how best they manage the money.

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