Starving Karimojong appeal to opposition for relief food.

By Steven Ariong 
A section of the starving Karimojong in Moroto district in Karamoja sub region in the north eastern Uganda have appealed to members of opposition to extend their hand of distributing relief food to
This is the first time for the Karimojong to openly appeal for relief food from the opposition.
Many families in the region cannot afford a meal while others have fled the region to Kenyan camps where they are registered as refugees.
Ismail Mohamed Speaker for Moroto Municipal Council and a member of National Resistance Movement says the people of Karamoja are in dire need of food relief from any well-wisher regardless of their political affiliation.

“We need food and if our brothers in Opposition have food please bring
for us we are ready to receive without any fear,” he said.

Muhammed specifically appeals to the FDC that has been distributing relief food to the hungry people in some parts of the country to extend their helping hand to Karamoja since they are not sure when government will deliver food to them.

Mr. Simon Nangiro the FDC Coordinator for Karamoja region wandered why government is refusing to declare state of emergency for other parts of the country that has been hit by hunger.
He also wandered why government’s attention is taken by feeding on refugees than its own People.
“Since the president has shown no interest in distributing relief food to the hungry people because of so called tarmac and electricity cable let any opposition give people food without being interrupted by the state organs,” he said.
President Museveni has been quoted in several functions discouraging distribution of relief food in the country saying it will affect other sectors.
A month ago Police blocked the distribution of relief food to the people of Katakwi delivered by FDC on claims that government was not sure of the safety of food.
In the process of blocking distribution of food, two people were injured after the East Kyoga regional police commander ordered for the dispersal of people who had gathered to receive relief food at Toroma Sub-county headquarters in Katakwi District.
Mr. Francis Tumwesigye, the regional police commander Kyoga region told the media that they needed to examine the food before they allow the FDC party members to distribute it.
However, Mr. Nangiro said the police will pay heavily with the angry Karimojong should they try to block any opposition member or well-wisher from delivering food to the Karimojong.
“They will get to know the true colors of Karimojong you deny any one giving us food when you are eating it will not happen in Karamoja, ”he said.