Stanbic Bank sues government

Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd has dragged government to High Court demanding 154 million shillings and 400 USD which police recovered from thugs that attacked it in 2007.

Through its lawyers of  Sebalu , Lule and co advocates the bank says on 15 January 2007 five persons attacked its IPS branch and robbed 592 million shillings and 6000 USD and disappeared .

The suspects were later arrested and 154 million shillings and 400 USD was recovered from them and kept as exhibit.

The bank contends that the suspects were charged before the general Court Martial but since 2010 the trial has stalled.

The bank claims that through several letters requested for refund of their monies but in vain.

Now it wants court to compel government to refund its money with interest of 20 percent.

Court has summoned the attorney general who is listed as the respondent in the case to file defense within 15 days before Justice Patricia Basaza sets the case for hearing.