Ssebulime was murdered – Police

By Serestino Tusingwire.

Police has said that Ronald Ssebulime who was suspected to have been trailing ICT Minister Idah Nantaba, was murdered.
According to a Police statement released by the Spokesperson Fred Enanga today, a joint team of investigators from Police, established that what was first reported as a typical police case, where perceived dangerous suspects were shot at during a pursuit, was instead a case of murder.

β€œThe 999 crew from Mukono that responded to the earlier emergency call from Nagalama police station, intercepted the alleged suspects after they hit a road hump and fell off. The crew concentrated on the rider Ssebulime, who was carrying a bag, chased and after a few warning shots in the air, the suspect stopped and surrendered to the police, who arrested and led him to the police vehicle. The stranger, whom he was carrying, to guide him to St. Andrew Kaggwa for visitation, also disappeared and was not traced. It is true that the deceased was removed from the police pickup and instantly shot dead by our officer,” part of the police statement reads.

Mr Enanga said police has arrested three of its officers for trying to conceal the true facts of the events surrounding the killing of Sebulime Ronald, after they submitted false reports about what really happened at Nagojje trading centre in Mukono District.
He extended sympathies to the family of Ssebulime, saying police does not condone any acts of extrajudicial nature, the reason they are holding the suspects accountable for his death.

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