Ssebagala storms out of handover ceremony

The handover ceremony for the office of the Kampala Mayor was this morning dramatic, with the outgoing mayor Alhajji Nasser Ntege Sssegala accused of holding on to some assets.

Ssebaggala was handing over to the KCC Executive Director Jennipher Musisi and the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Trouble however ensued after Ssebagala was asked to handover the Town Clerk’s house at Plot 1 Sezibwa Road.

Ssebagala said that he has plans of purchasing the house and stormed out of the meeting when the two officials insisted on having the house handed over.

The Executive Director told Ssebaggala that he has no authority over the house since he is not the holder of its title and lease and has not been its sitting tenant.

She also says the April 21st Council resolution allowing Ssebagala to buy the house was passed illegally since she, as the accounting officer was not consulted.

Ssebagala vowed not to return the house and challenged the KCC leaders to go to Court over the matter, before storming out the meeting.

Madam Musisi and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago say all legal measures will be exploited to ensure the property is recovered.

Ssebagala handed over 2 Suzuki motor vehicles and 2 motor cycles, among other assets.

The hand over forms which signify completion of the process were however not signed and the officials say Ssebagala will be freed of any responsibility after handing over the house.

Story by Diane Wanyana