Sports minister disowns UPE report by UWEZO


State minister for Sports Charles Bakkabulindi has rubbished a recent assessment report by UWEZO which showed that upper primary school pupils were unable to do P2 tasks.

According to UWEZO’s 2016 countrywide household-based assessment of learning outcomes that was released recently, only three out of 10 pupils in P3 to P7 can do P2 work.

Though the report says that only two out of 10 P3 pupils read a P2 level local language story and hat four out of 10 children in the same class cannot read a word in their local language, it further indicated that by the time children reach P7, 15 in 100 cannot solve Class 2 division.

However Bakabulindi describes the report as malicious since the assessment parameters were not systematic and their credibility was questionable.

According to Bakabulindi, besides a few challenges it yet faces, UPE program has seen significant improvement in the past few years that has attracted praises from even the opposition.

Meanwhile, a National NGO Forum report released two weeks ago also indicated what it called a ‘poorly impacting’ UPE program.