South Sudanese warned against supporting SPLM-IO

By Felix Warom Okello

South Sudanese who offer food to the forces of exiled leader Dr Riek Machar risk being branded enemies of the state.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition loyal to leader Riek Machar, usually move in the villages asking for assistance from locals like food, clothing and medicines.

But the government has warned that this will take a toll on the residents.

However, the Deputy Spokesperson for SPLA-IO, Col Paul Lam Gabriel claims that government soldiers go and rape, kill people and instead the rebels end up being blamed.

The South Sudan Ambassador to Uganda, Samuel Luate, has told Daily Monitor the SPLA-In Opposition and other militia groups are purely responsible for atrocities against civilians and that the SPLA-IO is taking advantage of the unilateral ceasefire to attack our forces.

The UNHCR Field Assistant, Ms Salome Ayukuru, the South Sudan war has driven away about 1.3 million people.