South Sudan expels foreigners over land dispute

Minister Rose Namyanja
Information Minister Rose Namyanja

War-torn South Sudan has ordered all foreign workers to vacate the country by 15th October.

According to the AFP news agency, the South Sudanese government has also ordered that these be replacement by locals.

All non-governmental organizations, private companies, banks, insurance and telecommunication companies as well as hotels and lodges operating in South Sudan are directed to notify all the foreigners working with them.

These have been directed to advertise the positions ranging from receptionists to executive directors so that they can be filled by competent South Sudanese nationals.

Over one million Ugandans are currently working in South Sudan with about 15,000 in the construction sector mainly in the capital Juba.

However, the formation minister Rosemary Namayanja says she has no information about the development.

In a separate development, legislators from Moyo district have warned that the clashes between Ugandans and South Sudanese may cause bloodshed.

Fresh riots erupted in Moyo town this morning, a day after a peaceful demonstration over a disputed border land turned violent.

Moyo District MP, Anne Auru says these wrangles have caused tension within the district, which may escalate if government does not intervene urgently.

The riots come in the wake of a dispute over ownership of a piece of land on the Uganda-South Sudan border.