Somali leaders want to meet Obama

By Samuel Ssebuliba.

Somali elders are seeking audience with former US president Barack Obama as he continues to traverse various parts of Kenya.

Mohamed Hassan Mumin, a peace elder from Wajir County who dressed former US President Barack Obama in traditional Somali outfit in 2006, is now seeking to meet him.

During Obama’s visit to Wajir County in 2006, when he was Illinois Senator, Mumin dressed him in traditional attire that comprised a Somali head gear and robe, Barki and a walking stick.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Nation, Mumin says previous efforts to meet Obama when he visited the country as US President were unsuccessful, but he is hopeful that it will be possible today.

Mumin is widely credited with bringing to an end bloody inter-clan clashes between Degodia and Ogaden in Wajir in 1993.

Obama is Kenya for a two day visit that ends today.