Singh Katongole loses seat

Rubaga North MP Singh Katongole has been thrown out of Parliament.
Katongole has lost an attempt to appeal against an earlier High Court ruling that declared Moses Kasibante the lawfully elected area MP.
The High Court nullified the controversial vote recount that had declared Singh Katongole winner, saying it had been conducted unlawfully.

Katongole attempted to appeal against the sentence and filed a notice in October last year but did not file the main application.

Moses Kasibante has now succeeded in his application in which he asked Court to dismiss the notice as having exceeded the time within which it should have been filed.
3 judges led Constance Byamugisha have unanimously agreed that Singh Katongole failed to file his appeal in time.
The judges observed that the notice itself was filed late and that the appeal should have been filed within 30 days.
The judges have also ordered Singh Katongole to pay the costs of the suit.
The High Court had ordered that Moses Kasibante assumes the seat immediately, without going through fresh elections.

Katongole and his lawyers did not appear in court for today’s ruling.