Seven Kaweesi murder suspects granted bail

By Ruth Anderah:

Nakawa Court Grade One Magistrate Noah Sajjabi has released on bail 7 out of the 14 people who have been on remand at Luzira prison on charges relating to the murder of former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and 2 others.

The magistrate has ordered each of the 7 suspects to sign a non-cash bond of Shs 50m and their sureties to also execute a bond of Shs 500 million to ensure that the suspects return to court as and when they are required.

The suspects through their lawyer Ladislous Rwakafuuzi last week requested court to release them on bail having spent 6 months on remand without being committed to High Court for trial.

Rwakafuuzi explained that the actions of the DPP to commit only 8 out of the 22 suspects clearly showed that he did not have evidence against the remaining 14 accused linking them to the murder of Kaweesi, his driver Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Wambewa.

Rwakafuzi also argued that the law requires that if an accused person charged with a capital offense completes 180 days on remand without being committed for trial, they are entitled to a mandatory release on bail.

The remaining 7 suspects have been sent back at Luzira prison until November 23rd 2017 so as to clock the mandatory period of 180 days in before they can also apply for bail.