Separate roles to stop wrangles in KCCA

By Ritah Kemigisa

The Minister for the Presidency Esther Mbayo has called for the separation and clear definition of the individual roles of KCCA officials if wrangling between KCCA and the Ministry of Kampala is to be stopped.

Speaking to KFM, Mbayo blames the problems faced in the management of Kampala City on the gaps in the roles and responsibilities which do not clearly define the authority of the officials.

She says currently KCCA is faced with role overlap so separation of roles is the perfect solution.

Recently the Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago contested the new KCCA Amendment Bill 2015 that was recently re-tabled in Parliament as one that seeks to trim the powers of the Lord Mayor and vest more power in the hands of the Kampala minister and the KCCA Executive Director.