Senior registrar of tittles is accused of separating Tooro kingdom

By Ruth Anderah.

The senior registrar of tittles Mbarara District Diana Bonabaana has been grilled before the land commission of inquiry into land matters on her illegal involvement in transfer of land belonging to Tooro Kingdom.

The land probe chairperson Justice Catherine Bamugemeire accused Bonabaana for separating Tooro Kingdom that was stayed for over 100years by de-registering its land into Kaboyo’s names yet the land was belonging to the kingdom.

Bonabaana is said to have participated in illegal registrations when she was still a registrar of tittles Kabarole district.

Yesterday the Queen Mother Best Kemigisadenied allegations that she sold out or grabbed kingdom land.

Kemigisa told the commission that the land she sold to government was a private land for her late husband Patrick Mathew Olimi Kaboyo not Kingdom land as the royals plus her in-laws alleges.

In this matter, the royal family members accuses the Queen Mother for grabbing the kingdom land and selling cultural sites such as burial grounds of their forefathers at Kagoma and Burongo in Kibitto and Kisomoro sub-counties respectively.

The evidence before the land commission shows that upon the death of her husband, King Patrick Mathew Olimi Kaboyo the third in August 1995, the Queen Mother acquired letters of administration as a sole administrator of the estate in 1999 which formed basis for transfer of the land into her names and subsequent sale of the royal family land.