Sembabule man dies in garden

Residents of Kambulala Village in Sembabule district have this morning discovered the body of one of their colleagues in a garden.

35 year Saul Tushabomwe is said to have died in the garden where he had gone found dead in a garden where he had gone to work.

He had reportedly gone to supervise his workers who were tiling the farm when he collapsed and died.

According to Zakaria Lubega, one of the casual labourers, the deceased was cutting scrubs when he complained of dizziness and he was advised to stop working and rest but he collapsed and died minutes later.

The Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Noah Sserunjogi, has confirmed Tushabomwe’s death saying that he could have suffered a heart attack.

He says that the deceased’s body has been taken to hospital for postmortem as investigations continue.