Second summons issued for Kyaligonza and his two body guards

By Ruth Anderah.

Mukono Magistartes court  has issued second criminal summons against the Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi Rt Maj. Gen Matayo Kyaligonza for allegedly assaulting a woman traffic officer Sgt Esther Namanda.

Kyaligonza and his two body guards was summoned to appear in Court today to take plea but they did not show up, though state prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya confirms that they were dully served with the summons but chose to send their lawyers Evans Ochienge, Caleb Alaka and David Balondemu.

However Alaka has explained to Chief magistrate Juliet Hatanga that the 2 guards are in the hands of the state before Makindye Millitary Barracks  well  as Kyaligonza learnt about the summons in the press and sent them  to cross-check and confirm.

Their absentia prompted the magistrate to issue second summons requiring them to appear on April 29th 2019 to plead to the offences.

Maj. Kaligonza was summoned today to appear before chief Magistrate Juliet Hatanga to answer alleged charges  of assaulting and causing bodily harm to a female traffic officer  Sgt Esther Namaganda.

Kyaligonza is charged alongside with  his two UPDF body guards  Cpl Peter Busindiche and private  John Okurut who have been separately charged with obstructing a police officer from executing her duties and common assault .

The alleged offences was committed on the February 24th 2019 at Seeta trading center in Mukono district.

According to the charge sheet, prosecution states that Kyaligonza 73, assaulted Sgt Namaganda thereby causing actual bodily harm.

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