S Sudan opposition distances itself from peace protocol

Riek Machar delegation
Riek Machar delegation

South Sudan’s opposition People’s Liberation Movement has distanced itself from the peace protocol document signed by the six leaders of the IGAD to foster peace in Sudan.

The opposition that has opened up a liaison office in Kampala for updates on the developments on South Sudan alleges that the protocol favors President Salvar Kiir and his government, contrary to the wishes of the South Sudan nationals who have faulted the current regime for failure to provide basic social services.

The Principal Representative David Otim says further negotiations by the two conflicting parties are needed if a lasting solution to the conflict is to be found.

South Sudan has been gripped by civil war for the past nine months leading to displacement of thousands of people.

Meanwhile, the SPLM says South Sudan still needs the help of foreigners in order to spur the economic development in the country.

The opposition says the move by the government to evict all foreigners is immature and contradicts the East African protocol which calls for free movement of goods and labour.

South Sudan recently  issued a directive ordering all foreigners to vacate the country, though it was rescinded a day later.