Rwenzori residents fear that the heavy rains could disrupt forth coming PLE exams

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Heads of schools located on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori have expressed fear that the heavy rains could disrupt the forth coming PLE exams due in November.

Speaking to KFM, the head teacher Mahyoro Primary School Biira Druscillah says given what happened to the people of Bududa, people are now worried that the same could happen on the slopes of Rwenzori where this school is located.

Druscillah says one of the rivers known as Nyakabale has since shifted its pathway washing away stones which people especially school going children would use to cross.

She says government needs to urgently help them by constructing temporary bridges.

The heavy rains that caused mudslides in Bukalasi Sub County, Bududa district left 43 people dead and hundreds displaced.

According to the metro-logical department, heavy rains are expected to continue for the next two months across the whole country.