Rwandan Government dragged to East African over closing of its boarders

By Ruth Anderah. 

A Ugandan citizen has sued Rwandan Government  to the East African court of Justice over what he terms as an illegal closing of boader posts at Cyanika, Gatuna and Mirama Hills for more than a month now .

Steven  Kalali an advocate says he is aggrieved by the conduct of Rwandan president Paul Kagame of refusing immigration officers and Revenue Authorities at the mentioned boarder posts to allow Ugandan citizens , traders and goods from crossing into his country over unjustfied reasons.

In a petition he has filed against the Attorney General of Rwanda , Kalali contends that what Rwanda has done defeats the spirit of the East African Treaty ,  Free trade and common Market protocol  since the closed boarder posts were also serving other countries like the DR. Congo and Burundi.

He has therefore asked Justices at  regional court to order Rwanda open its boarders that have been closed since  28th/February 2019 to date to allow Ugandan citizens and goods to freely trade.

Kalali has filed his petition at the registry of the East African court of Justice at the Supreme court in Kololo.

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