Rtd Bishop Niringiye Attacks Government On Media Ban

Government continues to come under attack following its decision to ban live media coverage of all opposition-led defiance campaign activities.

According to the ban announced yesterday by the information minister Jim Muhwezi, also banned are all talk shows on matters relating to the defiance campaign and that news stories relating to the same shall be run at the risk of the individual journalist and the media organization.

However, retired Bishop and civil society activist Dr.Zac Niringiye says the move is illegal and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

Bishop Niringiye says it is neither the opposition nor the media to blame but the high-handedness of the incumbent regime, calling on the media not to heed to the directive.

While for Margaret Sentamu the Executive director for Uganda Media Women Association, besides limiting the free flow of information, the decision is likely to drive the opposition into erroneous activity since they will be out of the glare of the media; something she says endangers national security.

Meanwhile government has scoffed at critics insisting that the defiance campaign is illegal and must not be covered by the media.

Col. Shaban Bantariza, the deputy executive director Uganda Media Center says the decision stands and whoever disagrees with it should go to court.

Bantariza warns that the opposition should only challenge the legitimacy of the ruling National Resistance Movement, if ready to face the repercussions.

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change has since February called for a “defiance campaign” against President Museveni’s regime, claiming that the incumbent rigged its way into another term.

Meanwhile, the FDC leadership meets today to review all the decisions that have been made by the government regarding their defiance campaign.

Yesterday’s ban slapped on live media coverage of defiance campaign activities follows a court order that labeled all such party activities illegal like  Black Tuesdays Prayers , 1 million Match demonstrations and Stay Home Friday among others.

The party Spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says they are meeting today to forge a way forward.

Story By KFM reporters