Road Construction Company drags UNRA to court seeking a 20 billion compensation

Story By Ruth Anderah

A Road Construction Company has dragged Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to the Commercial Court seeking over 20 billion Ugandan shillings for the illegal termination of a contract to maintain 48 selected roads in Amudat district.

M4 investments Ltd says in 2015, it was contracted by UNRA to do road repairs but before starting the works, UNRA terminated the contract on grounds that the company delayed to commence its work as the PPDA had to carry out underground investigations into the bidding process.

However, upon being cleared as the highest and best bidder, UNRA did not allow the company to go on with the road works saying the time within which it had to perform its duties had expired.

Now M4 construction has sought court’s redress against UNRA to pay them the 20 billion shillings as damages for breach of contract.