Regional police chiefs urged to share information about criminals

By Paul Tajuba:

Police Chiefs in Eastern Africa have been asked to promptly share information about criminals with International Police if transnational crime is to be fought.

Addressing a regional senior police officers’ meeting in Munyonyo yesterday, Precious Tlhabiwa, the head of Interpol National Central Bureaus for Africa, says many African countries are not sharing information about criminals, which makes it hard to curb trans-boundary crimes.

However, Gedion Kimilu, the head of internal regional bureau for East Africa says they cannot compile and compare crime trends in the region as member states are hesitant to share such data.

More than10 countries are meeting in Kampala under the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs’ Cooperation Organisation to discuss how to deal with transnational crimes.

Interpol is an intergovernmental organization that comprises 190 member countries that are all connected through a secure communications system.