Ramadan begins tomorrow, Monday

By Prossy Kisakye

The Uganda Muslim supreme council has announced that the holy month of Ramathan will start tomorrow, Monday 6th may 2019.

The director of sharia at the Old Kampala, Gadaffi Mosque sheikh Yahaya kakungulu says fasting automatically begins tomorrow because given the moon was not sighted on Friday and Saturday.

He says Taraweeh prayers will be held every day at the national mosque throughout the holy month while Darass prayers will be held every Sunday.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

Ritual fasting is an obligatory act during the month of Ramadan and its s necessary for every Muslim that has reached puberty unless he/she suffers from a medical condition which prevents him/her from doing so.

During Ramadan, strict restraints are placed on the daily life of a Muslim for example,they are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke or engage in sexual relations during the day.