Public transport fares shoot up

With just days to Christmas day, transport fares continue to sky rocket due the increasing demand.

Public transport fares have been increasing by the day since the beginning of December, a trend that the players in the transport industry to a number of factors including the high cost of fuel and the police directive against return journeys for those plying long distances.

Kabali Ivan, a booking clerk working with Link bus services limited however gives assurance that the fares will drop for a few days after December 24th since the number of passengers going upcountry will have reduced.

A mini survey carried out by KFM on some of the routes indicates that currently, the fare from Kampala to Masaka is 38,000 up from 25,000 two days ago.

Kampala-Mbarara is 60,000 up from 25,000, Mutukula from Kampala 70,000 up from 40,000, Kampala- Gulu is 50,000 up from 32,000, Mbale 40,000 from 25,000 earlier.

Story by Ibrahim Bukenya