Prosecution Closes its case against Desh, Now it’s up to the trial judge

Story By Ruth Anderah

Prosecution has closed its case in the murder case against car rally driver Andrew Desh Kananura with ten witnesses.

Now it’s up to the trial judge Joseph Muragira to examine the evidence of these witnesses and rule on whether or not it is sufficient to warrant Desh and his 4 co-accused to defend themselves.

Desh is jointly charged with his brother Raymond Kananura and 3 of their private guards with the murder of Badru Kateregga, a former employee of Panamera bar and restaurant owned by Desh.

Prosecution says the 5 with malice afore thought in 2013 beat Katerrega to death for allegedly receiving a tip of Shs 10,000 from a client.

Desh and his co-accused are out on bail.