Professor calls for a third force to move the country forward

Political analyst and political science lecturer at Makerere University, Professor Mwabutsya Ndebesa has called for the creation of an intermediate party to come in between the existing parties if the country is to move forward.

According to the professor, politics in the country are stagnated between few parties and individuals like Yoweri Museveni, Kiiza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi and therefore a need for a third party to come in.

He further argues that the 30 years the NRM government has spent ruling cannot take the country any further.

He thus proposes to have the youth united for a common good and form that intermediate party like it was done in 1986 when the NRA youth fought to bring in the new NRM government.

Professor Mwabustya Ndebesa said this while presenting a topic “Youth citizenship in Uganda, participating or being participated” at a youth dialogue organized by Youth Aid Africa over the weekend.