Prof Nawangwe warns students over demonstrations

By Damali Mukhaye.

The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University prof Barnabas Nawangwe has served the first and final warning to some students following for their unacceptable conduct.

According to the letters issued by Prof Nawangwe, Kizito Peter offering bachelor of business administration and Syson Ashaba bachelor of medicine allegedly threatened and compelled fellow students to engage in destructive demonstration on the 17th of October.

He also says that the two are accused of involving themselves in blocking traffic flow in the university saying that despite the senior managers of the university calling them for the meeting; they walked out of the meeting and disrupted classes.

He says that the two students have been warned to shun such acts, failure to abide by the rules to lead them to a disciplinary committee or be dismissed from the university because such acts are against the rules and regulations of the university.