President Yoweri Museveni to be awarded

President Yoweri Museveni is among the 15 men and women lineup to get awards for applying the best leadership modules and practices to reach uncharted territories and established their supremacy on the shores of success in African.

It has been noted time and again that Africa’s fundamental challenge is leadership. That Africa is as good as the quality of its leaders.
However, Davis Akampurira, this year’s Team leader and the Uganda Representative to Africa Leadership Awards slated for December 7, says whereas this is true, it is also undeniable that Africa has produced some of the most illustrious heroes and heroines who have engraved a mark on the hearts of their fellow Africans by exhibiting unprecedented leadership exploits.
President Museveni who’s expected to be the chief guest will be given one of awards under the six categories; Philanthropists Award, Masterclass Award Excellent Leadership Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Pan-African Excellent Award and African Leadership Awards by Sector.
Akampurira says president Museveni will get the Lifetime Achievement Award for the sacrifice he made to liberate Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia and DRC.