President summons Beneficiaries of the 6 billion presidential oil handshake

By Ruth Anderah.

High Court in Kampala had that president Museveni has summoned one of the beneficiaries of 6 billion shillings presidential oil handshake for a meeting.

It’s alleged that the summoned officials include a one Ali Sekatawa formerly lawyer for Uganda Revenue Authority and Attorney General William Byaruhanga.

The summoning was revealed  before the High Court in Kampala when the matter had come up for cross-examination of Attorney General,  William Byaruhanga in respect of his affidavit in which he made in a case in which Sekatawa is seeking judicial review of the findings and recommendations of Parliament regarding the oil cash bonanza.

To that effect,Brian Kabaiza, the lawyer who represented  Sekatawa, told court that his client was absent on grounds that he had got a communication on Sunday together with the AG from the President, summoning them for a meeting.

On September 21, 2017, Sekatawa sued government through Attorney General, Parliamentary Commission and Parliamentary Committee on Statutory and State Enterprises (COSASE).

Sekatawafaulted COSASE for having recommend that the beneficiaries be investigated by the IGG who is also conflicted, having appeared before the same committee and gave her opinion that the President had no power to give a golden handshake under article 98 and 99.

Now the presiding judge, Andrew Bashaija has pushed the case to February 28 next year, insisting that the chief legal government adviser show up and be cross examined.