President Museveni Briefs parliament on the state of Uganda’s security

President Yoweri Museveni has assured Ugandans that the country is peaceful and secure dismissing reports that Uganda is currently insecure despite the ongoing kidnaps and murders.

Briefing parliament about the state of Uganda’s security, Museveni says the country started being safe in 2007 after the defeat of the of the ADF rebels, Joseph Kony’s LRA and the disarmament of the notorious cattle rustlers in Northern Uganda.

He has now urged police to work closely with the people to curtail rural and community crime and any other related insurgencies.

The president also directed all security agencies to register fingerprints of all guns in Uganda as a strategy to reduce the high rate of criminality in the country.

Briefing parliament about the current state of security in the country, Museveni said some of the guns used in criminal acts belong to security personnel however identifying them has since been difficult.

Museveni has also directed the introduction of electronic number plates on all Motor vehicles and motorcycles for easy identification.

He said that these new plates will have a micro-chip containing details of the vehicle.