President Museveni asks world leaders to help Somalia heal

By Benjamin Jumbe

President Yoweri Museveni has told a London Conference on Somalia that it is not enough to check Al-Shabaab.

The International Conference on Somalia taking place at Lancaster House in London is focused mainly on the situation in Somalia and the conflict in South Sudan.

President Museveni has told the Heads of State and Government from across East Africa and other key partners, that Somalia must be helped to heal completely and stand on its own feet.

He however cites a number of a number of bottlenecks that stop the complete healing of Somalia which include the absence of patriotic, pan-Somali political parties.

He also pointed to the short term issue of the drought, calling for urgent provision of relief so that the suffering people of Somalia do not die from this additional problem.

Earlier today president Museveni met and held bilateral talks with United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May at the sidelines of the Conference.

The conflict in South Sudan has generated close to a million refugees with Uganda hosting over 700,000 refugees from South Sudan.