President and first lady call for calm from striking lecturers

By Damali Mukhaye

The minister of education Janet Museveni has accused the striking staff for being Ungrateful despite the efforts by government to increase their salaries.

In her message at the graduation, Kataha said that her ministry is working on the new salary structure and the money is ready further asking the staff to stay calm.

She says underlying ministries including the public service will immediately release the money once the new structure is ready.

Meanwhile President Museveni has also re-affirmed his commitment to increasing the salaries of Academic Staff and non-academic staff in all public universities.

He however asks lecturers to be patient noting that his pledge to increase their salaries can only be done in phases since there are other sectors which also need urgent attention.

The teaching and the non-teaching staff from the nine public universities in Uganda are currently on a sit down strike until government fulfils its pledge to pay their salary arrears which amount to shs 29 billion.

Teaching and non-teaching staff in all public universities have laid down their tools over 29billion and 4.3 billion salary enhancement  and have vowed to only return once the money is reflected on their personal accounts.