Pope Francis Condemns Use Of Religion For Terror

Pope Francis has condemned the use of God’s Holy name to justify violence.
Speaking at a meeting with religious leaders in Lavington, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, the Pope said that many young are often radicalized to execute fear and terror.
He has thus urged all religious leaders to be prophets of peace.
The Pope has also noted that religions play an important role in training our youth to value the human person over power and material gain.
He said the inter-religious dialogue is not a luxury but is utterly necessary in this wounded world in which we live.
The Holy Father also urged the religious leaders to always seek out the needy because by caring for the spiritual needs of our communities we become a blessing to them.

Meanwhile, the Holy Father has also led a Holy Mass attended by hundreds of believers who braved the rain and cold, to throng UON grounds.

The pope has urged youths to let the African traditions and word of God to forge a better society.
He said the Kenyan Society is privileged to have been blessed with strong family life.
Pope Francis says the health of any society depends on the health of the family and therefore Family should be valued.
He also said that God talks about staying away from practices that tear apart the family.