Police warns opposition on protests

The Inspector General of Police Major General Kale Kaihura has issued a strong warning to the leaders of the Activists for Change against organizing any more protests.

Addressing the media this morning, Kaihura said the police has received intelligence information that there are plans to launch protests in different districts including Jinja, Mukono, Kampala, Mbale and Masaka.

He says the protests will not be allowed coming at a time when the country is facing threats of attack by terrorists.

Kaihura says they have received information that a group of youths has been trained in Afghanistan on execution ot terrorism attacks, though it’s not clear if they are directly related to the activists.

He says some of the youths are already in the country, while others are reportedly in Nairobi.

General Kaihura also says different members of the opposition have been dispatched to different parts of the world on a smear campaign ahead of the protests.

He is now warning that the protests will not be allowed to take place, adding that anyone who defies the police directive faces arrest.