Police warns anti-social media tax crusaders

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Police have warned all those inciting Ugandans not to pay social media tax against using public speakers.
This morning, the police confiscated a mega phone from down town Kampala that was rallying Ugandans not to pay these taxes.

Addressing journalists at the Central Police Station this morning, the police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said police is currently investigating the voice behind this message.

Kayima adds that using such means of communication can propagate other criminal acts of terrorism.
He says this is because a criminal can easily plant a bomb in these mega phones which can easily explode killing all those converging around to listen to the broadcast message.

Government on 1st July introduced a shs 200 per day levy on users of social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter among others.

The tax has since been faced with a lot of resistance from both legislators and civil society.