Police vows to block Sejjusa procession

Sejjusa arrives in Sembabule
Gen. Sejjusa arrives in Sembabule

The police have vowed to block Gen David Sejjusa’s planned procession.

The Police Director of operations Andrew Felix Kaweesi says they have not received any application for the party though he has received an invitation to tomorrow’s welcome party.

Gen. David Sejjusa is set to return to Kampala from his country home in Sembabule tomorrow.

Gen David Sejjusa who had earlier been accused of treason returned from exile in the UK on Sunday in a rather surprising turn of events.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission is calling for legal action against Gen David Sejjusa for his allegations that the 2006 election results were doctored.

While still in exile Gen Sejjusa accused the Electoral Commission of rigging the victory of the former FDC president Dr. Kiiza Besigye by manipulating results in favor of president Museveni.

The Commissions Chairperson Eng.Badru Kigundu says Sejjusa’s allegations were meant to destabilize the country’s political environment.

Kigundu maintains that it was impossible to doctor the results since all the election data was coming direct to the centre without being intercepted.