Police to guarantee safety

By Ssebuliba Samuel.

The inspector general of police Gen Kale Kayihura has vowed to revamp police image in next quarter.

Speaking during Police council at Kigo police training school, Gen Kayihura outlined thirteen point program to be followed in fighting the current wave of crime as well as restoring sanity.

Kayihura said that much emphasis is to be put on revitalizing intelligence led operations, enhancing community policing, and strengthening criminal investigation department as well as tackling police well fare.

Kayihura said that attitude of police officers is one of the factor letting down police activities and thus in this quarter renewing personal commitment and morale is key on agenda.

Meanwhile, the minister for security Gen Jejjeodong said that individual police officer need to embraceĀ  the aspect of teamwork if they are to succeed in guaranteeing safety to Uganda.