Police Suspects Break Through Police Cell Walls

Kitgum resident district commissioner Captain Santo Okot Lapolo confirmed to Daily Monitor in a telephone interview on Wednesday that the suspects managed to break through a weak ventilator on the cell wall.

He said on the night of the escape, there were seven suspects detained at the cell but one did not escape as he was asleep.

The Police officers who were on guard the night the suspects escaped have been arrested and are being investigated on how the suspects broke a ventilator and escaped without being noticed,” says Capt Lapolo.

Capt Lapolo, added that the Police officers will be charged with negligence of duty if found guilty.
He however recommended that the Police station be renovated since it is old adding that some of the structures are weak.

While contacted for comment, the OC CIID Kitgum CPS, Mr Patrick Okello Lumumba, denied commenting on the matter saying he has no authority to comment on behalf of Police.

Deputy Regional Police Commander for Aswa region, Mr Zata Aziku, however acknowledged that his office received information of the six suspects escaping from Police custody but noted that the information were still scanty.