Police probe five NGOs over terrorism financing


The Police Anti-terrorism Investigations Unit is probing five local Non-governmental organisations over alleged involvement in terrorism financing.

While speaking at the National Risk Assessment on terrorism financing and money laundering yesterday, Apollo Kyabajje, who represented the commissioner in charge terrorism investigations, David Waswa, said police have foiled five terrorism transactions through NGOs.

Although Kyabajje declined to divulge details of the NGOs under probe and the amount of money that had been involved, he said the foiled transactions involved huge amounts of money.

The released money laundering and terrorism financing national risk assessment report indicates that Africa Network International, a charity organisation linked to the Allied Democratic Force and other NGOs are currently under probe overĀ terrorism financing.

When contacted, Richard Ssewakilyanga, the NGO Forum executive director, said he could not comment since he had not yet received a copy of the report.