Police officer hacked to death in Luweero

A police officer attached to Kasana Police post in Luweero district has been hacked to death in an attack on a police post.
Savana Region Police spokesperson Lameck Kigozi has identified the deceased police officer as Detective Corporal Godfrey Bala and another injured female office as Sarah Achan.

“The attackers did not take any property at the police station after the incident. They demanded for the keys for the armory before pulling out the machetes which they used in stabbing the two officers manning the front desk at 2:30am on Wednesday. These two officers were not armed,” Mr Kigozi said.
Kigozi said suspected thugs attacked the police post in Luweero Town demanding for keys to the armory.
He says during the scuffle, an officer was stabbed to death and another injured but no property taken.
He says the hunt for the suspects is on.

The other police officers were reportedly on night patrol when the attackers raided the police post which is located in the Central zone of Kasana Town. We have however arrested one of our own identified as Cpl Edgar Tuhairwe who is believed to have been armed and could have helped his colleagues during the attack, Mr Kigozi said.

“We are not very sure where Cpl Tuhairwe was at the time the attackers raided the police post because he was the only armed officer at the station. We are investigating claims that he was taking a nap in one of the vehicles packed at the police post and possibly feared to engage the attackers”, Mr Kigozi said.

Residents of Kasana Town claim the loud music played at the different night clubs could be the reason why many people did not here about the attack including the people neighboring the police post. These night clubs operate trans night. We are always woken up by the loud music. This could be the reason why we failed to here the scuffle at the police post, Mr Edward Kalinda a resident of Kasana Town said on Wednesday.

Another woman who did not want to disclose her identity but saw the police woman lying on the ground after the attack when she opened her window said she called the District police Commander on phone informing him about the police officer who was lying on the ground in a pull of blood.