Police officer charged for aiding suspect’s escape from police cells

By Ruth Anderah. 

Police officer attached to Kira Road police station has been charged before City Hall Court for aiding a suspect to escape from police cells.

Detective sergeant Tenywa George 31 years and a resident of Kira road police barracks charged before a grade one magistrate Patrick Talisuna and denied the allegations against him.

Prosecution led by Lydia Batiibwe states that D/Sgt Tenywa on October 14th 2018 at Kira road police station aided a one Tonny Kaddu Mukasa to escape from lawful custody at Kira road police station.

Detective Tenywa has been granted a non court bond of one  million shillings after producing before court two substantial people who stood sureties for him.

He is ordered to return to court on November 15th 2018 for the hearing to kick off.