Police fires teargas to disperse taxi drivers

The Police have fired teargas at a group of taxi drivers who had re-occupied a park next to Clock tower police post.
The group this morning left USAFI Park claiming that their customers are finding it hard to trek to the park resulting into losses.
However KCCA enforcement officers led by Kituuma Rusoke together with the police swung into action evicting all taxis that were in the said park.
Rusoke says the re-occupation of this park by the drivers is affecting their efforts to re-organize the taxi industry and this will not be accepted.
This comes a day after another group of taxi drivers moved from USAFI back to Nsambya Park.
Meanwhile, Kampala Capital City Authority says will continue to have some of its enforcement officers in plain clothes.
This is meant to ensure that all corners are monitored without attracting the attention of the law breakers.
This follows complaints that many of the officers are not in uniform and become hard to trace in case of abuse.
KCCA spokesman, Peter Kawuju says the officers are also authorized to carry on with operations until 9pm as long as they have identification.
This follows calls by the Uganda Human Rights Commission for the authority to review its law enforcement strategy and stop abuse of the rights of citizens.