Police families shun immunization

By Stephen Otage.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has revealed that Police barracks in Kampala are hosting immigrant children who are not immunized.

In a telephone interview today, the Authority’s director public health and environmentDr. Daniel Okello says areas such as Kisenyi, Namuwongo, Kagugube in Makerere West, Busega and Acholi quarters in Kireka are the highest without immunized children.

Dr. Okello’s comments follow reports on Saturday from an immunization camp organized by Rotary Club of Kampala Central in Kireka Police barracks where children as old as five years were found not immunized.

According to Ivan Mwondha the club president, this is the third time they are finding such children in communities which KCCA mans being unimmunized.

The police spokesperson Emilian Kayima says the high numbers of unimmunized children can largely be attributed to the high population in the barracks.