Peter Ssematimba back in court to defend forgeryn allegations

By Ruth Anderah

The Court of Appeal is hearing an application filed by the National Council for Higher Education to present additional evidence to back Peter Ssematimba as a qualified MP for Busiro South Constituency.

The application is being heard by Judges Steven Kavuma, Cheborion Balishaki and Catherine Bamugemereire.

However before hearing commenced, Ssematimba’s political rival Stephen Ssekigozi asked court to allow him present new evidence to the effect that Ssematimba’s Diploma in Electrical and Computer Technology is a forgery.

Ssekigozi through his lawyer Kenneth Muhangi says he has just come across this new forensic evidence from a handwriting expert that shows that Ssematimba’s diploma from Pacific Coast Technical Institute in the United States of America is different from the original diploma certificate awarded by the said institute.

Muhangi says a handwriting expert Sylvia Chelengat compared a similar diploma from the same institute held by one Juliet Muyingo with that of Ssematimba and noticed major discrepancies.

Muhangi has said he never got a chance to present this evidence before the High court because he only accessed it on the 16th/August 2016.  The case was decided by Justice Lydia Mugabe on the 10th/June 2016.

However Ssematimba’s lawyer Geoffrey Kandeebe has opposed this move saying at this stage court cannot allow in new expert evidence which is not a sworn affidavit.

The High court annulled Ssematimba’s victory on grounds that he lacks the requisite academic qualifications after establishing that his diploma is forged.

The court also ordered that the Electoral Commission to conduct fresh elections for the constituency.