Peace concert organized for South Sudanese refugees

By Peter Aligo:

A charity concert has been organized for South Sudanese refugees to help them deal with trauma suffered after being driven out of their countries by conflicts.

The peace concert organized by the Pacific Asia Society, an organisation of South Koreans attached to Kumi University is to be held at Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Camp in Yumbe district in order to help avert the stigma and trauma among the refugees.

Chung Tong Kun the team leader of Pacific Asia Society says, though they have sought a safe haven in Uganda, some of them especially the children and those who lost their partners during the fighting remain traumatized.

He says the key objective of the peace concert which includes sports and music is to promote peace among the different South Sudanese ethnic groups living in Bidibidi settlement Camp.

He says there have been cases of tribal conflicts especially among the Dinkas and Nuer which has led to deaths of two people in Palorinya camp, so the concert is aimed at promoting peaceful co-existance as a foundation for restoration of peace in South Sudan.