Pastor Kiwedde Set free after completing jail term

By Ruth Anderah.

Uganda’s self-declared born again Pastor William Paul Muwanguzi, famously known as Kiwedde is now a free man after completing his sentence.

Pastor Kiwedde was in 2013 arrested from Rakai District, where he was impersonating a Kenyan Catholic priest who was performing healing prayers and miracles from which he extorted colossal sums of money from hundreds of unsuspecting followers.

However, after serving part of his sentence at Mutukula prison, in 2014, Muwanguzi escaped from prison and managed to get out of the country through Mutukula boarder before going to Zimbabwe where he was expatriated back to Uganda to complete his sentence.

Muwanguzi had been sentenced to four years jail term for impersonation and he was added two extra years for prison break and being in possession of fake passport in names of David Mubiru.

Frank Baine, the Uganda Prisons Service public relations officer, confirmed that Muwanguzi was released after he completed his jail term.

Pastor Muwanguzi, became famous because of his activities at his defunct Pentecostal church under the name of Holy Fire Ministries on Entebbe road in Kampala where thousands of believers gathered for miracles.

He is said to have extorted a lot of money from his followers which he accumulated wealth and bought lavish cars he branded with ‘Kiwedde’ an expression meaning ‘it is done’.