Pastor Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Follower

Bukomansimbi Police at Butenga in Bukomansimbi district are holding a Pentecostal church pastor for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman.

Muhamad Nyerere the proprietor of Butenga Miracle Center has been arrested for reportedly sexually assaulting the woman whose names have been withheld.

The victim has told police that Nyerere accessed her house the backdoor and entered her bedroom where he forced himself on her. She says that she tried to make alarms but Nyerere pleaded with her not to alert anyone because he will be embarrassed and lose trust among locals.

The victim however, reported the matter to Butenga Police station who responded by arresting Nyerere for sexual assault.

The Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Noah Sserunjoji, has confirmed Nyerere’s arrest saying that police has opened up a general inquiry file against him. He says that Nyerere is likely to face charges of sexual assault when police investigations are completed.

Nyerere has however, dismissed the allegations saying that they aim at tarnishing his name.
He however admits to have gone to the victim’s home at night claiming that he had gone to pick his belongings which he had lent the victim. He declined to mention what the belongings are.

Sserunjogi has however, condemned the incident saying that it’s unfortunate that people who preach against disobedience of God’s commands are breaking these laws.
Cases of Pentecostal Churches in Masaka region being caught for breaking the law are becoming common the most recent case being reported in Sembabule.
Jonathan Seminyo the proprietor of Victim Pentecostal Church in matete town council in Sembabule district was recently arrested for allegedly marrying off a 14 year old orphan girl.